Time Well Driven

When you drive with Spotify, your time becomes something more than a haze of miles and minutes. It’s transfigured into song plays and playlists, recaps and year-in-reviews. A travelogue for your ears. We believe your time matters, wherever you spend it. So when you drive with Spotify, it’s time well driven.



Your drive can be so much more than the miles it takes to get there. It won’t feel like it’s 128 miles to your destination because it’s not. It’s one Hamilton sing-along for the whole car to join in on.


There’s nothing worse than a poorly timed pregame. We created playlists synchronized to match the time and pacing of your drive based on your Waze ETA, because there shouldn’t be any rollover time when you put it in park.


Radio lost its local flavor long ago. Turn on our geolocated playlist to hear what the area natives are into. Save the ones for the locations you vibe with the most to take you back whenever and wherever you’re driving.


Traffic means something different with Spotify.